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Learn about the NYC top attractions and brush up your general knowledge before visiting

Visiting New York City is an experience of a lifetime. So you must not miss all the major attractions of this city when visiting for the first time. Before coming into this city of dreams, you should upgrade your general knowledge about it. Though there is no dearth of places where you can pay a visit while in NYC and the best part is that you can surely find a place of your interest in this city. Whether you love music or fashion or foods, this city has something to offer to all kinds of visitors. Let’s have a look at the top attractions that the city offers to its tourists.

Major attractions of NYC

There are so many things in New York that it could take a whole year to discover all the places of interest. But here is an excerpt of the places which you must not miss.

  • Empire state building: the construction of this building was completed in the year 1931 and since then it has been one of the signature landmarks of this city. From its establishment, for nearly forty years, it was crowned as the tallest building in the world as well. This place has an observatory on the 86th floor of the building which gives an enthralling 360-degree panoramic view of the city of New York to the tourists.
  • Times Square is one of the most famous places in New York and known for its glowing and glittery lights which keep shining round the clock. This place is situated at the intersection of the Broadway and Seventh Avenue and one of the major commercial places in Manhattan. This road has various nicknames such as “heart of the world”, “the great white way”, “the crossroads of the world” and “the center of the universe and so on. This place is recognized as the busiest pedestrian road in the world too.
  • Broadway: this is one of the best places in New York to watch live theater Many greatest talents of the performing arts performed. Musical shows of this place are world famous and thus you must not miss a place like this if you love music and performing arts.
  • Central Park: this wooded refuge is the most famous place for the New York citizens to spend weekends and leisure time. This park is considered as one of the world’s most celebrated urban parks. This place is famous for Bethesda fountain and many other places for public gatherings.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art: this place has an enthralling collection of more than 2 million artworks of 5000 years of human history.
  • Museum Mile: this road which probably has the most numbers of museums is a must visit place for the travelers. This stretch of Fifth Avenue is the house of more than 10 museums.
  • Macy’s herald square: if you love shopping then visit this place is obvious for you. This is the biggest departmental store in the world which has all the quintessential things for the citizens.
  • Statue of Liberty: a landmark site of the New York statue of liberty is the most famous statue of the world which welcomes all the travelers and immigrants coming to this city.